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    Not sure where it should be posted but wanted all to know

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    Start your own chicken farm...Coop and 5 birds
    Date: 2010-05-21, 3:43PM

    I am moving out of the state, and unfortunately, I cannot take my chickens with me. So I am selling both the coop and the hens. ***I also have fencing, large feed containers; and water/food dishes that could be sold in addition to the coop and birds***
    I have 4 well established layers and 1 rooster.
    Hens= 1 buff orpington; 1 golden laced Wyandotte (both about 1 year old); 2 Salmon Faverolles (about 8-9 months)
    Rooster/cockerel= Salmon Faverolle (about 8-9 months)
    They have been free ranged/pasture raised, but stick close to their coop. Great at reducing mosquitoes and other bugs/slugs.
    The coop sits on 6 ~1.5ft 4x4 posts. From base to roof: highest=4ft & lowest 3ft. Base is 8'x4'. Two front doors-2ft wide. Hinge down access door to 3 interior nesting boxes. 5 windows and vent holes. Roof is covered with asphalt shingles. I have used this coop as a duplex style with different aged chickens by hanging wire in the middle of coop.
    note: you pick up only

    Location: West Asheville
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    I never luck into anything like that aound here!

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