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i have four english banty hen, 1 leghorn and 1 dark star. the english banties would not want to mingle with the other two so i had them separated. i gotta say, for their size, the banties are pretty fisty! i now have 2 chicken coops. im planning to buy 5 more hen... what breed of hen would be the easiest going type. thanks a bunch.
My favorite friendly hens are a Belgian d'uccle and a Buff Brahma Bantam. They are very sweet, follow me, perch on my arm, beg for treats and like to be held. One of my son's first hens a red pyle Old English hen is very friendly.

Whatever breed you get - work with them as chicks. All of our hens are friendly enough to handle, so that we can check their health.
I don't have experience with a lot of breeds and can tell you that chickens have individual personalities like anyone else. Our barred rocks have been handled every day since they and have been hand-fed (feed when they were little, snacks since they're bigger) daily. They all follow us around and come running when we call. Greta is more interested in sitting on my shoulder than in snacks. Flora likes to be petted, but not too much. Ruthie likes to hang around, sometimes sits on my shoulder, but isn't big on petting. They're all from the same brood.
I have three Americaunas that are probably in actuality EE's. They have green legs and cheek tufts and beards. One is a rooster who is very friendly and likes to be petted. The girls are exceptionally sweet. They follow me around when I do chores. I'm convinced they think they are helping me. They love to be petted. My Barred Rocks are also wonderful. They also love to be petted.
My vote would go to Speckled Sussex. They are known for being "too friendly" in that they love to be around you what ever you are doing. Got to watch not to step on them. I have some that are several weeks old right now. I can whistle and those little boogers will come running to me. I also have several other breeds, and there are some out of each breed that are friendly too, but ALL of my Speckled Sussex are like little buddies, and I don't even have to bribe them with treats.
My dorkings are not friendly at all! My penedesenca is even more friendly than the dorkings. My favorites are bantam cochins and old english game bantam hens.
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I have a variety of hens which I bought a month ago from a family who raised them by hand. You will see them on my signature below and I have found my Buff Orpingtons are the friendliest, most adventuresome and get along best with the other hens. They follow me around and will come jump on my lap or sit next to me when I am out giving treats. They will take food from my hand and they come when I call them. I never see them hen pecking the others. My Barred Rocks are also pretty gentle and docile too.

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