friendliest turkeys??

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  1. I want to get a tom&a hen turkey in with my chicken flock,they would be in the same brooder as the new chicks im getting;any ideas?? for a friendly pet turkey breed?

  2. Red Bourbons [​IMG]
  3. ok,do you know what they are like??would they be mean to my chickens?
  4. I've never had turkeys,&the only memory my dad has is almost getting the stink beat out of him!(go turkey!![​IMG])
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    They may be friendly to you once they get used to you, but usually they will get very defensive towards strangers. Hard to say as to what specfic breed will be friendliest, it just depends on the personality of the bird itself and how often they ar handled as young. And just FYI, some Turkey breeds that are meant for production usually only last about 2 years before they die or have a heart attack. They are bread to grow as big as possible as quickly as possible to meet industry demand. Royal Palms are not like that as far as I know, they will usually last a few more years.

  6. i could NEVER bring myself to eat something i raised!!!& also they will get plenty of cuddles as chicks[​IMG] I've heard toms will try to "mate" a chicken,killing them in the process,is that true??and would my tom do it???
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    Eating what you raised is much more satisfying then eating one someone else raised.

    Once my flock gets to the age of fighting and gobbling camp freezer can't come fast enough.

    If you are raising them for food then treat them that way and don't name them unless you name them after food.
    Turkey sandwich, Turkey soap, Thanks giving dinner, etc.

    As far as friendly pet birds you are never going to know which one is friendly or mean until they grow up.
    Just like anything else.
    You might pick one as a pet and it might be the meanest bird you ever seen.

    I find in my flocks the friendly ones end up with their heads chopped off first because they come to you first and having them following you all the time drives me crazy.
  8. i mostly just want them as a pet,and to keep my neighbors chiweenies&pomeranian[​IMG] AWAY from my house & chickens,but we have wild turks near my house,so we would have to have a girl turk too. I will NEVER eat my chickens or turkeys unless it was the end of the world. I love them like family, & i didnt even raise the 1's i have![​IMG]
  9. I know i dont want a "thanksgiving style" breed,but aside from that,im clueless!!

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