Friendly chicken, before I treated her for bumblefoot, now not?

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    I have a lovely New Hampshire Red I named Tamale..she was a wonderful chicken, very friendly and liked to cuddle. Unfortunately she got a case of bumblefoot that I had to treat. During this time I had her segregated in a cage in the garage by herself for about a week to a week and a half. I don't know if I traumatized her or what..but I was giving her quiet time and it wasn't easy to get her out of the cage so I didn't handle her much except to treat her foot. Fortunately her bumblefoot is all healed well!! yay! Unfortunately though, when i put her back with her flock she suddenly seemed to be at the bottom of the pecking order and seems to be skittish of the others and ME!! I am so saddened by this...she has been back with the flock for a month now and I noticed that at the end of her sequestering, she started to really lose feathers all over. I assumed it was the stress but it could be moulting? She normally has a wonderful coat on her..but now I feel like I ruined her?! She won't really come near me anymore and she used to love to sit on my lap and I would hold her and fall asleep. I don't know enough about a chicken brain association to know if this is all from me treating her and if so how can I make it better? Also, in the future, should I not be sequestering them? I treated a couple other chickens (broken wing and bumblefoot, but Tamale was the only one I had to perform surgery on) and they are back to loving me. I feel so sad because I raised them from day old and I feel like I lost a friend. Wow that suddenly sounds extremely lame...but many of us bond with our birds like any other pets.

    Thanks for any advice :)
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    No you don't have to separate them.

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