Friendly Hand-Raised Roosters need a new home


Apr 10, 2020
Dundee, Illinois USA
šŸ“ 11 week old roosters hatched in loving environment through incubator. Roosters are either Wyandotte/isa-brown or Wyandotte/buff orpington hybrid. Rooster temperaments are friendly, docile and trainable due to hours & hours of socialization. My daughter is an upcoming zoologist. We let these birds know we like them. Still we cannot keep more than 1 rooster. These brothers need a re-home. Buyer pays all shipping costs. šŸƒ FREE to a GOOD HOME.
TEXT ME @ 815-529-4162

The rooster's parents are quite colorful. The Isa-Brown mothers are reddish-brown & the father is a very large silver laced Wyandotte. The buff orpington Mother is light in color & the father is a large silver laced Wyandotte. Somehow this generation of birds present a lot of white coloration. As recent as week 10 some spots of color are coming in with more mature feathering.

I believe these roosters are going to be strong protectors & healthy fathers. Keep talking to them. Right now they eat Kale right out of our hand. They enjoy daily sprouted grains too. Frankly, we pamper these boys! They know 1 command. "IN" causes a return to the coup. #HighlyTrainableRoosters


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