friendly muscovy ducks for sale

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    Jul 7, 2009
    For sale to pet/show homes only these birds are not for meat.

    Muscovy ducks are a good bug eater, they are the only breed of duck that did not originally come from the wild mallard therefore they can not breed with other breeds of ducks (if they do have an offspring it will be a mule), the females can fly (the males get too heavy when full grown) they will not fly away if they know where their food is or you can trim their feathers on their wings, they like to roost or perch on things, The males and females have what is called carbuncles on their face (bubbly looking skin like a turkey) and they don't make regular duck noises they make a hissing noise and bob their heads and wag their tails, the females are good layers and good siters if you let them sit.
    The ducks I have for sale hatched this last June and are very friendly. They will follow you around the yard and will eat treats out of your hands, they are all black and white, I have boys and girls. they are located in Battle Creek MI
    If you have any questions please PM or email me.
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    what state please?

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