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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by felidaet, May 24, 2010.

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    Out of our 24 chicks this year the friendliest chick is a big surprise to us. It is this White Leghorn Rooster. This leghorn is not flighty at all. He is about 5 - 6 weeks old. Anytime he sees me he comes running and wants to be picked up. He has discovered that my shoulder is a great roosting spot. A couple of days ago I was bent over feeding the chicks a treat and he jumped up there for the first time.

    I hope he stays this friendly and does not crow much. I would like to keep him. I was not planning on keeping any roosters but I am getting attached to this one. We are allowed roosters but my wife and one daughter hate crowing. We also have neighbors close by and I would prefer to be a good neighbor with no crowing.

    He has a HUGE comb already. It started growing at only a couple of weeks old.
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    ... but he is gonna CROW!!!
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    Oh, he sounds like a gem. Good luck, though. Be prepared because he will eventually crow. We had a great rooster we loved. We tried everything. But we had one neighbor who would not tolerate anything. My daughter even brought him into her bathroom every night and took him out the next day. But he would crow sometimes during the day and the neighbor would not even to. We eventually had to rehome him to a place in the country. If you do have to find a new home for him, keep looking and be patient. You will eventually find a good home.
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    I hope you can keep him [​IMG] ...these special ones come along once in a lifetime it Amelia was a true joy to have. Never have had one so sweet and attached since. He's a cute little guy! [​IMG]
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    ur lucky that yours are too un flighty and friendly , but my vantress chicks are so fat and lazy large chicks

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