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    Jan 26, 2007
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    OK, I got this idea from my daughter talking about her pen pal in France she talks to on MSN. But I thought it would be fun to share something about our lives. I don't know how many members or visitors there are on BYC that are from someplace else besides the US...offhand I know of two...Mareloo and Bantymum. I think it is very interesting to talk to you guys and anyone else...if you'd like to share what you do for a living, what the weather is like there, what kind of pets or livestock you have, what you have for dinner, your Holiday traditions, what kind of predators you have preying on your livestock? Of course, everyone from everywhere in the US is invited to join in, too!

    OK, I'll start. We live here in Ohio and the weather is very cool and rainy; calling for some snow. We have 32 chickens, two dogs, two cats, and four guinea pigs. We live on a mini farm with twenty acres. I have a husband who is retired, two teenage girls in high school, and a 20 year old son studying law enforcement in college. I am a private investigator. Right now we have a hawk watching our neighbor mowing our field, I think the hawk is looking for mice or rabbits that might be disturbed by the mowing. Our chickens see the hawk, too. We have many raccoons, opossums, foxes, skunks, coyotes and weasels in our woods; occasionally they prey on our birds. We are getting ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday this week, and we will have a quiet dinner at home this year, with turkey and a fire in the fireplace, cause it's supposed to snow and rain.

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