friends bird died will she have to process the two other birds ? help

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    Aug 9, 2009
    heres a letter i got today :Just to you let you know Kevin called me this morning and the beautiful crested chicken with the eye infection died last night. I'm going to go and look at Andy and Marley to make sure their eyes are OK. Kevin said her eyes were this light shade of blue (I asked him to pry her eye open ) and she hadn't been moving much over the past few days (she was sill eating and drinking tho). He said that Andy and Marley's eyes were bright and clear and what I call that chicken gold color.

    My fear is going back to Mereks. Andy and Marley want to come out and mingle with the other chickens, but I don't want to risk anything.

    Your thoughts? Should I destroy the 2 crested chickens that remain and just get some eggs ...
    plz hlp she got these 3 bird from a bad breeder there still in quarentine
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    I would not process the other two, but I would keep them in quarantine.
  3. OhMyItsAndyy

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    Keep them quarentined. 30 days?
    Then if there arn't any problems, they could be reintergrated.
    No need to kill them if they're healthy

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