Frienldly chickens now teradactyls!


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Valley Center, CA
Just for kicks - sharing my overnight experience.
My beautiful friendly B.O hens have become broody and over night have gone from sweet hens into hissing teradactactyls!
What a bunch of spoilt brats.
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Sep 22, 2009
My slice of heaven in Somerset, CA
Y'know, I've seen my BO puff up - in the yard - and squawk when she wanted to get her point across. And once she scared the bejeebus out of one of my dogs by flaring her neck feathers and SCREAMING at him when he was blocking her way on the garden path, but it's just downright odd how different she looks when she puffs up in the nest box. (She went broody last Sunday.) This IS a very different look.

Almost like Quasimodo, the hunchback. Plus the insane chittering warning sound. And those beady eyes following my every move. Yup. At LEAST she's not pecking as hard as she did that first broody day! Now it's just lightning fast air-pecks, not connecting with my flesh. I've learned to wait until she takes her once-a-day constitutional break to check on the eggs in her nestbox. (I've put an egg back, once or twice, when ANOTHER pullet steals it and pulls it into the nest box next to hers. How odd that is, because that hen is NOT broody!)

Oh, and when she IS out on her daily break, she's still all puffy and chittery if anybody gets close to her. Silly girl - the eggs she's protecting are back in the coop!

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