frist pancreatits now the otherdog is sick

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    Frist Georgie gets pancreatits

    last Friday. Then yesterday DH yells for me to come in from building new coop to check Sophi, our other Yorkie.

    She is shaking and has not eaten all day and she will not drink any water. So I take her temp no temp but she is shaking like crazy. Call vet they

    say bring her in just in case something is wrong. Sophi only weights 2 and 1/2 lbs and the little ones go down fast. So off we go to the country vet,

    20 minutes away. By the time we got there, some one brought in a cow with birthing trouble of coarse she had to fininsh that. Then a couple come

    in with a dog saying she just got hit by a car, of course she goes first. The man is telling everyone he, should just put a bullet in her,dog has no

    broken bones just sore. During all this a lady and her VERY bored child have been waiting so I told her to go ahead, there to get shots. Finally our

    turn vet checks Sophi even does chiropatic adjustment nothing there wrong. Opens her mouth and say here the problem her teeth are all lose and

    infected!!!!!! So now she is on meds and will have her teeth pulled next Wednesday. She is only 3 years old. Boy I am trying to figure out what the

    the 3rd dog will come up with this week. At least every thing went good with the spaying of the 2 kitten that were recused

    OK I am done whinning

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    Anyway, welcome to yorkie land...Home of Horrible Teeth! LOL ...sorry so much bad luck with the doggies!! [​IMG]
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