Fritzie and Yul - my bathroom chickens - not great pics

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    Fritzie is a frizzled Cochin who got ill in the ginormous brooder in the shed about 3 weeks ago, so I brought him/her into the bathroom Nursery/Hospital. Yul is a Salmon Faverolles cockerel very low in pecking order and he got pecked BALD, as well as kept from feed and water by others in his "group" (hatched about the same time, and some roving JGs just a couple weeks older discovered the feeder in that coop and thought it was much nicer than the feeder in THEIR coop). Anyway, he came into the Nursery/Hospital in the bathroom, too, to lodge with Fritzie.

    Both are quite well now. Yul's head and neck scabs have healed. He's still bald. But he and Fritzie are BFFs, and I don't want to move them outside until I have a segregation/integration coop & pen set up for them.

    Fritzie is 9 or 10 weeks old.

    I am thinking Fritzie MAY be a girl. Comb is yellow, wattles are starting to show. About this time, I kinda thought cochin roos would be more obvious than this.
    (Please let Fritzie be a pullet!) [​IMG]

    This is Fritzie and Yul hangin' out on the edge of their "hospital" bin.

    Yul looks remarkably like a vulture, being bald, and with that lighter "necklace" crest? at the base of his neck, over his dark body feathers.

    In the above photo, Fritzie has jumped to the metal grate lid of a brooder with 3 bantam chicks inside. Yul was watching.

    In this photo, you can see where Yul's left eyelid got nicked during his tribulations. Because I leave for work early and get back home after dark, I only did head counts until the weekends. That's when I discovered his injuries.

    They are very special chickens because of the extra care they've received, and they're both very affectionate. Fritzie has taught Yul how to jump to the OTHER brooder (the one with the TJs chicks) and lay out across the metal cover directly under the heat lamp to "sun bathe." It's a hoot to watch.

    I'd get photos of those antics but the red light from the heat lamps there really mucks up my photography efforts.
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    [​IMG] So cute! Watch out, you might have a new house chicken or two...[​IMG]
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    Yah, I'm kind of afraid of that..... my saving grace is that I don't think the two dachshunds will put up with something ELSE begging lap time. They're good outside with the chickens, but jealousy might make 'em snappy. And once that happens, it would be mayhem, I'm sure.
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    Oct 9, 2010
    LOL You don't have grumpy relatives wanting your attention though! At least daschunds are still cute....[​IMG]
    Besides, I suppose there are ways of keeping them entertained? Mine love to sneak up on my min pin and bok bok bok loudly into his ears. He hates it but knows if he fight back it'll be him, not them, going into the soup pot [​IMG]
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    This weekend Yul and Fritzie are going outside. If I get my act together and get their housing situation arranged, of course. [​IMG]
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    Learn from the chickens! If you want something, you can always get it by bothering the human. Find a suitable specimen first. Depending on how much you bother them, items can range from a free visit from the chicken chiropractor (neck wringing) to a yummy handful of scratch!! My favourite human to bother is my sister [​IMG] She doesn't mind feeding my chooks when I don't have the time [​IMG]

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