Frizzle and 2 chickens needing help with gender


Jun 21, 2016
I have 3 chickens I need to know gender. I couldn't get good pictures by myself, so I took video. All the black chickens you see were given to me by my husbands friend.
The main one is the light colored Frizzle. I am unsure how to figure out gender.
The other 2 are black with red on necks. Just not sure what they are. All 3 are about 6-8 months old.
Thank you,
Sorry, the video is just confusing to me. Maybe someone else can help but I think you might need to take pictures. Clear, with good light, showing the sides of the bodies and combs.
My gut feeling is that the frizzle is a pullet.
The other two, it is just not possible to tell from that video. Their dark colour in the dim lighting make it too difficult to see key features clearly enough.
I can see at least two roosters in the coop but I don't think either of them were birds you were focussing on.

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