Frizzle & Barred Rock(?) but M or F?


8 Years
Jul 16, 2011
Hello - have no idea of the sex of the Frizzle (has too many toes) ???? The grey one i think is a barred rock and believe is a she, tho the 2 puff their feathers at each other often. No eggs from any yet, (hatched in spring). Also have isa brown definately female and i always wondered when you all talk about affectionate hens, she has suddenly started following me around and wanting me to hand feed her and such wierd...... but really nice.
Hope someone will know from the pics about my frizzle the kids love it but sadly can't keep roosters.
Hope u can pull up the pic i wasn't sure how to paste the pic in the post
Hopes pics help and thank you! wow how do you get them to stand still and pose
thought ya might like to see their crazy feet
Id say hen and with five toes a sultan cross ( with the top being really puffy) or a favorells cross maybe a silkie cross but the skin doesn't look dark enough
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