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    Jun 21, 2010
    I gave my friend a breeding pair of frizzles and a cochin. the frizzle hen is sitting on eggs. we dont know if her buff orphington rooster is the father or the frizzle rooster is. whats the pecentage of the chicks hatching frizzle or cochin:idunno.please help me!!!!!!!!!
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    If both Roosters have been breeding with the Hen, And IF they are both exactly equally fertile. then their is a 50/50 chance of either Rooster being the father of any given chick. There is no way to know if one Rooster is more fertile than another though.

    provided the chicks can only be frizzle or cochin a combo of frizzle hen and frizzle roo or cochin roo gives a

    75% chance of frizzle and a 25% chance of cochin. Not exactly sure how the Buff Orpington is playing into the picture. IN short if you have a mix of chickens what you will get is a Mutt. (crossbreed that is a mix of different breeds)
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