Frizzle Cochin Pullet - bald spot/broken feathers


Jul 21, 2019
Hi all, one of my white bantam frizzle Cochin pullets, Daffy (almost 4 months old now) has been showing some signs that I’ve been concerned about. From the beginning she seemed to be developing slower than her sister. She is much smaller and has been slow to feathering out and still has some bald spots, she also seems just slightly less alert and aware of what’s going on compared to the others. I figured this all could be normal, as she is otherwise healthy, eating drinking and pooping normally and generally seems happy and content.

We do have an aggressive cockerel in the mix who I’m working with on his manners, so hopefully I won’t have to rehome him. Last night I noticed Daffy’s comb had an injury...looks like the cock ripped the back of it. While inspecting her comb, I noticed this grayish bald patch on her back/butt just above her tail feathers. Not sure if this is related to her slow development or an injury. I’m not sure how long this has been like this, since she is very shy and she doesn’t not like to be handled.

I’ve attached a picture of the spot, and was hoping you guys might have some insight! I’m a first time chicken owner so I don’t have any previous experience with these things. Thanks!

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