Frizzle Cochin X Silkie cross

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    Sep 26, 2016
    Ok so I'm wondering what I could get from a Silkie, Frizzle Cochin cross. I know what you'll most likely get it a sizzle (Silkie with curly feathers) but could you get a frizzle? Also, what chicken does the offspring get its color from?

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    A Silkie/Cochin cross is a mutt. Real Sizzles take decades of hard work to create. By four or five generations you might have some OK ones.

    You'll get birds with the features of Silkies, but more muted - small crest, small beard (if parent is bearded), light greyish skin, five toes, reddish white earlobes. The legs will be well feathered. 50% will be flat (regular) feather and 50% will be frizzled. None will be silkied, as the silkie gene is recessive.

    Color will come from both of the parents. What that will look like will depend entirely on the parents.
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