Frizzle Polish Tolbunt gender help PLEASE


5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
Coweta County GA
Today I was out and came across this Guy/Girl and couldn't help myself now we are trying to figure out if it is in fact a Guy/Girl. Any help would be appreciated. What we know for sure is its a Frizzled Polish around 8 weeks old.

I love it's colouring! :D This was our frizzle polish at 8 weeks who turned out being male. If you look closely he was starting to go a pinky/red around his beak.


Now he is 18weeks and very red in the face and crowing.
I was frequently told that they are really hard to sex and sometimes you don't know until they either crow or lay an egg. Mine didn't crow until about 14 weeks. So you may have a little wait until you can tell.
Thank you. He has a big personality and trouble maker! I like to let them run around the garden when we are home but when it comes to putting him back into his run he gets other ideas. It takes 4 of us at least 10 minutes to corner and catch him! He reminds us all of the road runner.

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