Frizzle & Silkie... Are they my Roo's?


Jul 26, 2016
I have a 14 week old Miss Frizz (frizzle) and a 14 week old Gertie (Silkie). I thought our silkie was a boy and the frizzle a girl since she didn't go more red in the colouring up until 2 weeks ago and it isn't a bright red yet, then we noticed our frizzle keeps mounting our silkie and pecks on ALL the chickens. Do you think miss frizz is a mr frizz? Is it normal for roo's to peck on all the chickens, even hens?? I think Frizz and Gertie are now both boys and the mounting is a dominance thing, my husband thinks Gertie is a girl and Frizz a boy.. whats your take?

Frizz in question and Banana (cochrin bantam a definite hen)

Gertie (Silkie) and Frizz (Frizzle)

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Pictures are not clear enough for me and too much wire in the way. All I can determine is your silkie has wrong color comb. And your Corgi pup is gorgeous

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