Frizzle silkie??


Mar 12, 2018
Hello all! We picked up 4 ducklings today and I couldn’t resist grabbing 2 more chicks to add to my 13 we already have;) Anyways. They said this one hatched from silkie...but is feathering to be frizzle? They were confused by it, because they keep all their chicken breeds separate. So. Recessive frizzle gene in the silkie??? Thanks!
I see no crest or extra toes, both silkie traits. It is not a Cochin either, wrong leg color and looks to have muffs. It's a mix probably. Frizzle can occur in any breed or mix.
And the frizzle gene isn't recessive. If they have it it shows.
Agree that chick is a mix.
Ah yes. Why didn’t I think of the silkie extra toes I’ve had silkies! So it’s safe to say it’s a frizzle. NOT a silkie then? Makes sense, since their pens are completely separate. And. I was wanting two frizzles anyways! Not too sure why they were so confused by it then! ‍♀️ Here’s the new group!

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