frizzle turken x silkie

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    Aug 11, 2009
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    I went to the waterloo Il swap this weekend and found this blue frizzle turken hen. On the way home she adopted the baby silkies I bought they are HER babies now. she is in isolation now with a silkie roo I bought also. So crossing these two would result in what ?
    naked neck = dominant
    polydactal= dominant
    top knot= dominant
    blue skin = dominant
    will we be frizzled or silkie or some of both
    what should I call them other than cute mutt
    Behold my army of........? mad scientist laugh
  2. Hi! She's a beauty!
    If you cross her with a Silkie,
    half the chicks will be naked neck, half will be feather neck,
    half will be frizzled, half will be smooth,
    *the chicks will all be regular feathered, not silkie feathered.
    (*unless the NN Frizz girl has Silkie in her background. She looks like she might.
    If she does, you may get a % of chicks that are silkie feathered)

    Good luck! I just adore frizzled Naked Necks AND she's blue, too!

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