Frizzled Polish?

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  1. I am new to BYC, so hello to everyone.

    I am going to have a go at breeding Frizzled Polish next season.

    My Question is.....will they breed ok with the frizzles being the hens and the polish being the roosters. Or do the roosters have the stronger genes and override the frizzle gene?
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    I have no idea but welcome to BYC!
  3. [​IMG] Thank you for the welcome WriterofWords
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    Quote:soooooo you're asking about breeding a frizzle cochin to a polish? unless i misunderstand you. i'd just say get some smooth and some frizzled polish rather then crossing 2 breeds.
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    I am not sure how to tell you to do it but I know that they are possible because I saw one a poultry auction this fall. It was beautiful, out of my price range though or I would have brought him and his hens home. Good like with it and let me know how you make out.
  6. Vcomb, I am assuming a polish doesn't come frizzled unless crossed with the frizzle gene, I could be wrong though.
    I have 2 frizzle bantam pullets...1 black and one lavender blue. They are both smoothed legged and 4 toe'd and similar colour legs to the Polish Bantams. I am planning to hopefully put a Polish rooster over them. I choose the unfeathered legged frizzles so not to introduce feather legs to the polish. I also have one smooth araucana (lavender) with the frizzle gene and a little cockrel with mixed colours ranging from buff, Lavender, black with the frizzle gene also. I intend to put this little cockrel over the hens to get normal frizzles to hopefully produce more gals, although this will be done at a different time then introducing them to the polish lads.

    Here is a picture of my little frizzle girls.

    This is a picture of my Polish Bantams.

    As you can see they are all still young so am just getting my head around the best way to go.

    Thank you nightshade I will certainly keep you all informed of the journey ahead. And thank you both for your replies
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    I didn't notice your location at first. To answer your question, yes, Polish did need the frizzle gene imported. In the US and Europe we've been workig on frizzled Polish for awhile now and they are very much a Polish bird with frizzled feathers rather than the initial crossbreds they once were. Old paintings from centuries ago show Polish frizzles have existed before as well.

    By making the cross you intend to you will create a frizzle that looks somewhat Polish. Only through generations of breeding back to pure Polish will you achieve a true frizzled Polish. key is every generation select the birds showing the best Polish bodytype but also the best frizzling and breed them back to smooth feathered pure Polish.


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    I have no idea myself, but..... [​IMG]
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    I bought this one at a sale. I don't know the breeding behind her, but am going to try to make more.


    I will be breeding her to this guy. I don't know how the babies will turn out, but hopefully some will be frizzled.

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    I have 2 white crested black polish hens. They are frizzled. I have not breed them but really wnat to and probley going to in the spring. You need to breed a frizzle to a non frizzle. Out of that mating you will get 50% frizzle and 50% non frizzled. This spring i am going to breed my 2 frizzled hens to a regular smooth feathered male and see waht i get. I am looking to imporve my white in there crest. They have done very well at shows also. Here is a picture of one of my hens.

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