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    My health happy 28 year old son called me Thursday morning about an hour after I finally got to bed after a 12 hour night shift. He said mom I need to see the doctor my heart wouldn't slow down, I feel like my heart is going to came out of my chest. So I go meet him at Walmart where he checks his blood pressure , it was about normal. We go to the ER just in case, it took about 1 minute for them to do an EKG and tell him you are not going anywhere. He was in afib. His heart was beating between 70 and 190 beats a minute!! They gave him shots and a nitro patch then said you will be spending Christmas here. Well they got his heart to slow down, then it dropped to 40 beats a minute. Finally the doctors do a difibulation, shock his heart. Get it back up to 60 beats where it stayed all day and night. The doctor did some test and let him come home last night. The dotor said he was a heart attack waiting to happen. Now at 28 he will be under a doctors care for awhile.
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    That must've been so scary for you. I will pray for your son.
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    Best of luck. If you can, find a cardiologist who specializes in electrophysiology specifically. Not a doc who does "everything" with the heart. He's lucky as often the first sign of a heart issue is sudden cardiac arrest.
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    I can only imagine how stressful your day had to be. [​IMG] He was smart to listen to his body and seek help. I'm so glad they found the problem early! Tell your son a stranger in Florida is wishing him a speedy recovery. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas. [​IMG]
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    Quote:The hospsital refered him to one. The same one DH uses. Will be making an appiontment with her this week
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    Healings for your son. I am so glad he was taken seriously.So often the younger ones are not.My SD died at 34 due to his heart.So gald your son did not wait either!
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    Prayers for you and your son. [​IMG]
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    Quote:So sorry to hear about your son. I was surprised that DS wanted to see a doctor he has never had anything worse than a cold. The doctors did tell him he is a very health person and have no ideal why this happen. Like someone else said listen to your body
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    Quote:YES! Make sure the doctor listens.

    I have a friend who went to heart doctor after heart doctor from 8 years old till 18... it took the full 10 years to find a doc who would listen and finally do EKG, halter monitor, etc... to officially see the problem. A 6 hour (3 hours longer than expected) ablation surgery at 19 and 290BPM arrhythmias are now a thing of the past. Track and field, sprinting, in the perfect image of health, but the issues of the heart were invisible on the outside. If the doc does not listen, PLEASE insist on a second opinion and find someone who will listen.
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    Hope he has a good cardiologist caring for him and glad he was wise enough not to overlook this. My husband had a massive heart attack Jan 30 and now has two stents. We came close to losing him as his blockage that caused the attack was in the "widow maker" it was 98% blocked, the one on the other side was 95% blocked. He is not overweight, we eat healthy it was genetic.
    Hope your son continues to do well under the Drs care.

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