From death to life , a chicken revival story !

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  1. Just had to share this story....
    I had been given about 30 misc chicks from Buckguy...... nice uh ! [​IMG] well, he had said they were not under any lights.and with this heat lately I understood as they had started to feather in.... so.I put them in the run I have which is covered on top only..... went to bed with confidence that they would be fine......I did put a light in the corner in case they felt the need....I did NOT know rain was coming.but they had a covered area inside the run....
    I woke up about 5 am ,for no reason I thought.went to check on them and saw a horrible sight...... ALL of the little ones were soaking wet,laying in the run.still as death...... I went in and found 4 still breathing....piled all of the others [​IMG] in a bucket and took the 4 in and toweled them dry and laid them in bed with me wrapped in the about 3 hours they woke me up with their I went to put them out in the run now that it had stopped raining......and picked up the bucket to dispose of those poor little chickies....low and behold I saw one I poured them out [​IMG] and saw more moving... started to rub the ones I could see had life left in them.... and set them under the light with towels around them.... they slowly woke up [​IMG] but were moving around ever so hobbly like..... I thought,well I saved 6 .and then I looked over at the rest and couldn't handle throwing them I huddled in my run for hours.rubbing,toweling,rubbing.praying and rubbing....... YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS........... all but 2 came back from death.........2 of them died after coming back and walking all in all 22 of the "dead" birds came back to life and are now healthy and strong with no signs of damage.
    Amazing uh ! just had to share:lol:

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    amazing! chickens are wayyyy tougher than most people think!
  3. tinychicky

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    Mar 24, 2010
    Hollis, New Hampshire
    can we have pictures of the babies btw?
  4. geepy

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    Wow, I thought I was doing good by warming up 2 baby turkeys that got caught in the rain. If I did the math right you had 28. What an awesome story.
    Oh yea, pics would be great.
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  5. Quote:I do have pics of them now..wish I had thought to do the before and after, I will upload pics soon [​IMG] it was amazing
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    Agreed, need a picture of the group [​IMG]

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    WOW!! What a great story. Definitely want to see some pics of the little miracles. [​IMG]

  8. Here are most of them........ I am still amazed they don't show any signs of being in a bucket for hours [​IMG]

  9. hcppam

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    WOW great! [​IMG]

  10. chkn

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Oh my gosh! [​IMG] Probably piling them in the bucket turned out to be a good thing!

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