From foody eggs to broody eggs!!

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Need a bit of advice!!!
    Hi all, I introduced myself on the newbie forum [​IMG]. I've had egg laying hens for about 4 years but when my flock started to diminish recently due to a fox and a bout of bad luck with egg peritonitis I dedcied to add some chicks and ducklings to the mix.

    I got a lovely leghorn pullet and a barred rock chick. I'm thinking now that the barred rock is a rooster! [​IMG] now, I'm not too bothered by this, noise or reproducings not too much of an issue - but what if you dont want them to hatch the fertilized eggs? Or they dont want to sit on them?
    I've one hen thats not a bit broody. Can you take away the eggs the day they are laid? Can they still be eaten or are they for the bin?
    Same question about the ducks too as I definitely have a kacki campell duck and a drake! but the Aylesburys are too young to know yet :)

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    Take the eggs as they are laid and eat them.

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