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Apr 30, 2013
Hello my name is Jorge you can call me George it's kind of my nick name.
I started my interest in raising hens when the thought of having fresh eggs straight
from a coop attracted me .
I then built a small coop out of recycled materials and when it was done , my sister
spontaneously bought me 3 smalls chicks for $3 from the local Flea Market LOL!

I have then been raising those chicks because I fell in love with them and the whole having
happy eggs thought just vanished . They are getting super big now it has been 4 or 3 months already
since I have had them. I am NEW AT THIS THOUGH! I really don't know the breed I have and
looking at pictures and trying to figure it out is all I got now Lol.
I think my favorite one is the Bantam breed she is fluffy and she has streaks of beige and light brown on
her feathers she is kinda yellow/white feathered and beautiful , she was named Angela today .
I also have a black large and long feathered hen with black dots or white dots on her neck we decided to
call her BIg Mike even thought its a hen lol .
And the last one that never grows she still chirps like a chick while the rest already know how to growl and
scream but this one is so little and long that we named her Lulu.
I will post pics soon.
I have a MILLION questions to ask and I hope that being in this forum will guide me as faithful
hen raising man .

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If you post photos on the "what gender/sex Is this?" thread someone may be able to identify the breeds for you.


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Apr 30, 2013
Thank you guys please read my emergency post titled crusty lesion .... when you get a chance. I am going to post the pics on the gender breed area and see what answers I can get . :)

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