From the coop egg safey

Scott Pacific NW

Mar 29, 2018
To insure all eggs I collect from the girls are safe for human consumption I candle each egg carefully examining for cracks. Dirty and cracked eggs can pose a double health risk. Cracked eggs are tossed. For over 50 years I've washed all soiled eggs in like warm water. Refrigerating emidialty after drying them. Never sick and no poop in the pan.
I've eaten my girls' cracked eggs. I've eaten eggs that had some soil on them. I don't sell, I give away eggs... I don't give away any eggs that have visible cracks and I wash only the ones that have soil on them. For my own use, I don't understand having to go so far as candling to make sure there's no cracks.
Oh, and eggs that are so soiled I don't feel like dealing with it, or are of indeterminate age or anything like that are boiled, crushed in the shell and fed back to my chickens.
X2. I don't wash eggs. I've often eaten cracked and also slightly soiled eggs and never sick...just cook thoroughly. Once in a while one w big poop smear, I cook for the hens.
BTW, welcome to BYC.
Eek! I missed that you were new to the forum!!! My manners! Welcome to Back Yard Chickens!!!!!!!!
Being that I am formally trained in safe food handling practices, raised on a farm and aware of dangerous pathogens that can be transmitted via chicken fecal matter I insure that eggs we eat in our household and give to our friends are safe per state and federal regulations. Candling is fast and easy. I also candle to insure my broody hens are not wasting time on unfertal eggs. 50+ years Farm and Ranch experience. My advise will always be spot on.

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