Frontline for mites & lice

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    My husband just came back from poultry blood testing for fair and found out our chickens had lice or mites he could not remember. They found them around the vents. I checked them over a bit ago and did not see anything but it was in the coop and he said that in the sun he could see them real easily.

    Anyway the county poultry leader said to use frontline spray on them. I have looked online and see it is in a spray and spot formula but most everywhere is out of it. Is the cat or dog formula the same? Do you know where we can get it online?

    I assume we should clean out the coops and nest boxes and use poultry dust. We can put DE in the dust box. Want to use something that will get rid of them good so when she shows up at fair in a month she is not sent home with her birds. She also wants to go to a poultry show in the fall.
    Bugs got to go!
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    DE may or may not get rid of them. Since they're definitely there....get the big guns and kill them with sevin dust. Redust everything in 10 days including all your chickens.

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