Frost White Leg Bar


9 Years
Apr 9, 2014
Does anyone have any information on frost white leg bars ?
Is this a breed that was just invented? How did they even do that ?
It appears that the pullet newborns are $75 each.
Im concerned with how this chicken was developed and if its a bad thing.
I really like the look of this chicken but i cant find hardly any information on it.
I also think that they should quit messing around with the leg bar gene pool before they destroy it. Any input would be appreciated.

This is not a breed, but rather a color within the legbar breed. No one messed with the legbar's gene pool to create it. It came from the legbars that were imported into the US. It was found that a lot of them were carrying recessive white. When bred together, these birds were producing white chicks. Some people liked that and have now taken to breeding for this color.
I also think that they should quit messing around with the leg bar gene pool before they destroy it.

I was curious what you meant by this?

Also maybe instead of searching for white legbar breeders you should look for legbar breeders that produce whites from time to time.
When I raised legbars I hatched quite a few whites and always gave them away for nothing or next to nothing.
For me I liked them but my interest in legbars was the autosexing so the whites kinda defeated the purpose.
In my day they were culls.
The reason i said this is because i have cream legbars and recently have seen cream legbar chicks that have the markers of both male and female making it near impossible to figure out which is which. I recently had the opportunity to buy 4 cream legbar pullets for $15 each and was eager to jump on it. Until i saw them in person. 1 was without a doubt a female as the chipmunk markings were well defined along with the eye stripes. But the other 3 had markings that made it impossible for me to identify wether they were boys or girls. They had somewhat faded chipmunk markings and some yellow on the head. Not the normal yellow spot but undefined yellow. I should have taken pics of them to post but i think theres a decline in the cream legbar auto sexing accuracy. Im no gene pool expert but i have read here on byc that they also have seen this issue with the cream legbar chicks not being able to identify male from female because of conflicting markings. Im ignorant about how you would make a frost white legbar. thats why i have asked the question before i spend $150 on 2 chicks.

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