Frozen Eggs: are they safe to eat?


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Oct 20, 2008
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at my house if there is no crack i put them in the fridge, if cracked i toss them in the barn trash
I don't totally waste them. If I see cracks, over the fence they go; don't even make it into the house. No cracks?...Dw's call. She'll separate them into their own bowl in the fridge. They get used somewhere along the line.


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Nov 27, 2012
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If an egg is not cracked & you want to know if it's frozen... just spin it. An normal raw egg sloshes around inside. (The spin has a slow wobble to it because of the liquid contents.) If it's frozen solid, then that egg will spin fast & smooth.
Have never been able to figure just how to do this.... went off the table then it was cracked.
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