Frozen eggs

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    We have a new coop this winter but it is too big for four birds to keep warm (plus its well ventilated for humidity). The girls are doing fine with their roost at ceiling level but the nests are down closer to the ground and I have had a few frozen eggs. Those that are cracked get cooked and eaten ASAP but what about those that haven't cracked and MIGHT have been frozen?
    We haven't had any real cold weather yet, only going to -15C at night, but it will be -30C soon......
    We often have a backlog of 2 or 3 dozen unused eggs in the fridge. Will any frozen ones keep OK?
    I'm just gonna have to get another dozen birds for next winter.....[​IMG]
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    Jul 26, 2009
    Quote:If they aren't cracked, they will be fine. The only difference I see is that the white is a bit less firm when cooked, and more runny when raw, on a previously frozen egg -- kind of like grocery store eggs.

    If cracked, as you say, just use right away. Or, if you can't or don't need them, you can do what I do, which is rinse them quickly in hot running water, and then crack them out still frozen into a ziplock bag, pop into the freezer, and save for later use in cooking or baking.

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