Frozen feet, Frosty feathers

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  1. AndreaR

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    Dec 9, 2013
    We got down to -35 last night and one of my hens did not fare well. Several have frostbitten combs but they will most likely be fine. One ended up with frozen feet. I brought her in the house and she is thawing out. Feet are bleeding a bit but she is eating and drinking now. She had frost on her back and is now a soggy dirty bird.
    Any advice on how to clean her up and what to watch the feet for?
    Thank in advance,

  2. silkiechick1994

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    Jun 25, 2013
    Paris TN
    I would just be sure to clean it gently and make sure no infections happen. Sometimes the skin will turn black and flake off if it's not a serious frost bite wound. I would maybe pinch different areas of her toes and see if she has lost any feeling there. not a whole lot you can do if she has but at least you'd know what's going on. Do watch for toes turning black. As for a preventative for frost bite I heard putting Vaseline on the combs and waddles has helped keep frostbite to a minimum.I've got all pea and rose combed birds but I would give it a shot and see if it helps some. I usually cook a big pot of rice and stirfry veggies and give everybody a nice warm meal before it drops down cold like that. Poor babies. I hope they get to feeling better soon and good luck!

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