Frozen veggie/yogurt hanging treat for your chickens-boredom fighter


12 Years
Jun 11, 2007
Northern Maine-Dover-Foxcroft
We have had a long winter in maine and my chickens are bored. . I experimented with some ideas since I felt bad for them. They ate up all the lettuce i put out there within minutes, so I came up with this treat, it is great as it takes them hours to eat it.

1 head of lettuce(I use leafy green)-chopped
2 large carrots-chopped or shredded
3-4 cups cracked corn
any spare eggs you have-cooked and chopped or scrambled (i usually try for 5-8 eggs)
32 oz plain yogurt(I use store bought but homemade would be great)

All ingredients into a LARGE bowl and mix until the yogurt distributes evenly. The yogurt needs to have moistened everything so it sticks together.

Now to make it so it hangs-
take the lid of any container, I use the container/lid from the yogurt. cut the lid in a circle so it can fit into the bottom of the container. Cut a small hole in the center of the lid and thread rope/twine through and tie a knot. Make the rope long enough so you can hang in coop.(I do about 3-4 ft.)

Then scoop the ingredients into the container making sure the lid is on the bottom of the container and the string is coming out. press the ingredients down and freeze.

The amounts given normally makes 5 treats.

I could take pics if I did not explain clearly enough. Also of course this can be done with ANY veggies and you can even include the crushed up egg shells or anything really. I thought about using tomato,zuchinni/squash.

If you have a hard time getting out of container, dip the container in hot water to make the release easier.

My chickens enjoy this greatly and I plan to make my own yogurt in spring and grow lots of lettuce etc so I can have a bunch of these ready for next winter. But these would make a great summer treat to help cool down chickens(leave out the corn then).

you can reuse the string/lid/container set up many times so once you have a few made up, it really only takes you a few min. to chop and mix and you are done.

any questions, please ask.


p.s. old time mainers with chickens think I am crazy, but they might be right I guess

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