Frugal roof materials for run?


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
We want to put a roof in our chicken run. Cost of wood is too much. Any thoughts on what to use that is cheaper?

Need to price for doing a tin roof. But will a tin roof draw too much heat in the summer?

Thank you for suggestions
I did a corrugated tin roof on my run, 2'x8' sheets cost me $10 a piece so it wasn't cheap. BUT I will say it stays nice and cool underneath them because they reflect the sun.
I did an aluminum roof on my coop. I chose a medium brown color to try and capture as much heat in the winter when the coop is closed up. In the summer, the sides are fully open, so the wind keep everyone cooler. But it was not cheap, about a $1 a square foot. My roof is 16x16, and aluminum roofing is available in 2'x16' panels. They come pre-painted, and should never rust out (at least not in my lifetime). Check Craigslist. I have seen corragated metal available from time to time for a good price.

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