Fruit flies a bust.


May 22, 2019
Clinton (piedmont) S.C.
Okay, I will tattle on myself. Poor housekeeping. I had a little Waffle batter left over and it got pushed to the back of the cabinet. Forgotten. For three days. Woke up this morning to thousands of fruit flies. I traced them to the source, said some nasty words, and popped a cover on the container.
I was just about to dispose of it when, looking at all the flies inside the container, light bulb went off. Lots of small slow flying bugs. CHICKENS. This is gonna be FUN! So out to the run, set the container down and opened it. Everybody clustered around and just stood there mystified. I didn't see a single chicken try for a single bug. I just walked away in disgust. Shouldn't have. Theres
sugar salt and butter in the batter. As I looked over my shoulder, sure enough they were eating the batter. Stupid chickens.

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