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Frustrated and Angry!

Discussion in 'Quail' started by chrishel, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. chrishel

    chrishel Songster

    Jun 28, 2011
    The Windy City
    My husband and I went on vacation for the weekend. I wrote out a list of things to do for the birds: cage birds, adult quail, and baby quail. We come home and immediately I noticed that the baby quail had no food. I filled up the feeders before I left about 1/2 way, but they were completely empty and one feeder had the top off. I worry that a chick will jump in and get trapped in the feeder (a GQF chick feeder). But everyone looked OK, just hungry.

    We have dinner and my mom says, "You should thank Dad for taking care of the birds since they were so stinky, I could throw up." OK. Quail can be stinky. I get that. A little later, my dad says. "Oh, we lost a bird." "What do you mean? A baby?" I'm thinking that maybe a baby got out of the cage and got lost in the garage and they couldn't find it. "No, Sarah (my 9 year old) knows it's name. Houdini." "What?!?!" "The feeder fell over and she got into it to get the last of the food, got stuck and must have suffocated." "Oh, and did you know that they run out of water by 2 PM?" "Yes, I wrote on the instructions that they drink about 3 dispensers of water a day. I wrote that I fill up both dispensers in the morning and one at night." "Oh, James (my 7 year old) read the paper."

    My husband said that it was ironic that her name was Houdini and she got trapped and couldn't get out. I have to agree, but I'm still angry, confused, and distressed over it.

    The feeders I use are cage bird fountain feeders. The top sits snugly into the bottom. If the feeder falls over, the top doesn't fall off. It seats in about and inch. I don't know how the top could have gotten off and if it did, why she would get in there. Unless, they didn't have any food. In the 4 years I've had the feeders, they've fallen over only a couple of times and only if they are completely empty and someone runs into it. NEVER have I seen it open up on it's own. (They also have hooks on the back, that I hook over the cage bars).

    Here's a picture of everyone with the feeder in the back:

    I'm horrified and I feel horrible. How could she get stuck and what a terrible thing that could have been to be stuck and suffocate in a clear tube.

    And I'm angry. My 7 year old and 9 year old are not really involved in the bird care. My 7 year old shouldn't be in charge of reading the instructions!

    Oh, and the last time we went on vacation (August), the lovebird had a freak accident and lost a toe. I got a call about what to do to stop bleeding and how there was blood all over the house and on the carpet. My parents cleaned the carpet, but there was blood on the bird room walls still. It took 2 vet visits to get that fixed and now he's fine.

  2. mhwc56

    mhwc56 Songster

    Aug 5, 2010
    my house in maryland
    So sorry to hear about the stress and loss while you were gone! [​IMG]
    Sounds like someone else should be caring for your birds whenever you go somewhere...i've had bad endings when family has cared for our birds over the years.
    i now hire my neighbor's son to come in and care for them even though family could do it. Granted he goes through A LOT of feed while i'm gone( LOL) but i'd rather that then have them forgotten!
  3. chrishel

    chrishel Songster

    Jun 28, 2011
    The Windy City
    Yes. I agree. But currently, my parents are staying with me. I'd think that they would be better at it since they've had (and still have) cage birds. But I guess not. I should have prepped the kids too!

    Usually, I have a bird sitter that charges an arm and a leg to watch the birds. She's a vet tech and I met her through the vet and the birds go on vacation when we go on vacation because they get so spoiled at her house. I have no worries when we take them there.

    At least they didn't "lose" one of the kids! [​IMG]

    My inlaws are another story all together. They took our kids for a week to Florida last year and we sent my daughter with instructions that included: "Take a bath everyday. Swimming in the pool does not count as a bath." We prepped her a week ahead. I'll take them over to spend the weekend with them and pick them up on Sunday and find that the kids haven't had a bath all weekend. UGH!!

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