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    Jul 26, 2008
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    I just built a bigger bater. I went out and got new thermometers and an acurite hygrometer/thermometer. So I calibrated them. Placed the glass thermometers in a cup of slushy ice water. 36 degrees, on both. Put hygrometer in zip lock bag with cup of 1/2cp salt and 1/4cp water for 10 hours. Should read 75%, but instead reads 64%. The hygrometer is not even close. The thermometers are close if you need to be within 4 degrees. I guess close on a scale of 0 - 100. But out of 10 degrees, it is 40% off. WOW. This is what frustrates me, it is a thermometer. It's entire purpose for existing is to show the current temperature. The little marks are at 2 degree intervals. You would think it would be accurate at least to 2 degrees. My weather rock is more accurate than the hygrometer.
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    i got a rain stick i can sell ya,, should be great for the humidity part [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Lemme guess. Made in China?
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    If you want an accurate thermometer, you have to get a medical or scientific one. But for a real good one, expect to pay more then 4 bucks, rather at least an order of magnitude more.
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    I don't care what it costs, if its supposed to do any thing, it should do it!! its not just thermometers. I get tired of taking stuff back to the store to find one that works! My solution has been to try and find what ever it is that I am buying made any where besides China which isn't easy, do with out, make it, or buy older used. I don't know, its just one more frustration!
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    You can't make cheap thermometers and hygrometers 100% accurate. They are usually accurate for their purpose or good enough for including free with something. Since you are using them for another purpose no they won't be accurate enough. If you need measurements within a degree you have to spend more money and look elsewhere than the hardware and grocery store. Even expensive hygrometers have adjustment pegs or screws and need to be calibrated occasionally. Actually the more expensive they are the easier they tend to be to adjust.
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    Oh I'm with you, but 11%. Come on! China, Indonesia, Mexico or Texas, at some point it isn't a hygrometer, it's a random number generator... Imagine if on the box if it said, "Hygrometer, by Acurite. 0% - 100% +/- 11%" Imagine if you bought a clock that was never more accurate than +/- 7 minutes. Or a phone that dialed 89% of the numbers correctly.

    I am just venting. I paid $17 and thought well if it is within 5% or so, it will be worth it. But 11% is so far off, I'm not even sure it will be a linear offset. I am ordering a psychrometer. Oh well, live and learn. Most digital hygrometers are not more accurate than +/-5% I should have done a little more research.

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