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I have a pair of mallards and 3 campbells(2 hens and a drake.) They live on a half acre pond on my farm. The ducks are all last year's ducks. They have plenty to eat(corn, catfish food, and a seperate box of oyster shells.) I have been looking forward to trying my hand at incubating for the first time, but can not find an egg. I have searched up and down the bank and all over in the surrounding areas but still no eggs. Is it possible they aren't laying? Any suggestions?
They may not be laying but... I have found if you lock them up at night and let them out at 8am they will have already laid their egg. I am not having luck at getting mine to actually use the nesting boxes but am trying to train them right now. Good luck!
My hens JUST started laying this week. I do not know what area you live in but maybe they are just not ready to lay yet.
Thanks a bunch. I live in Arkansas. Also, i am only at my farm thursday thru sunday. I might try putting them in the chicken house next thursday and see if i have any luck. Thanks again
I am not sure the catfood fish is nutrtionally complete for them. Do they also freerange?

One thing I found helpful is finding a spot you want them to lay and putting some fake eggs in it. Golf balls or stone eggs work. Since I put some stone eggs in a dog house filled with straw I no longer have to play easter egg hunt every morning
The corn is what concerns me. Are you feeding anything else that has protein in it. You should feed them about 16% protein. A lack of protein usually means a lack of egg laying. A diet full of corn is like eating sugar in a human diet all they long. It will leave the duck malnourished, even though it looks fine otherwise. I would give it the proper diet and you will have eggs.
Our ducks just started laying again recently but not till it steadily stayed above 50 degrees. They are old enough to lay, just may not be laying yet. I'm in AZ so the temps are different.

As for nesting boxes we put our ducks boxes right on the ground. We have a dogloo, and a long box and they all lay in it. Our ducks lay in the chickens brooder box when it's chilly out and they bury the eggs. Could be they are burying the eggs.! Another thing our ducks lay eggs waaaaay before dawn. Sometimes when we go out late at night to check on everyone there will be eggs layed already.

BUT all of our ducks bury their eggs! I've found more eggs by stepping on them then actually finding them. ha ha

All of our chickens and ducks free range 24/7 on 4 acres and they all lay in the coop somewhere. Hope it helps some.

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