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    Apr 11, 2011
    Long story short my dad helped us buy our house, in return we have to let my brother and his girlfriend live in our 3 bedroom apt above one of our barns. Well he has a very stupid big dog that he lets run all around the property without any supervision OR lead. The dog has been coming over into out yard, crapping, bothering our dogs ( that ARE on leads ) and now worse of all he's chasing my ducks around in circles in their pen! In about a week the ducks will be outside free range and I now I'm afraid to let them because of his stupid a$$ dog! I told him last night, your dog chases the ducks in circles you HAVE to start watching him before he hurts or kills one of my ducks. All he ( and his girlfriend ) keep telling me is, "Oh, he won't hurt them. He'll be too afraid once they quack, he won't bother them. " HELLO, he already is!!! I want his dog to be on a lead during the day, than when the ducks are put away if they really want him to run, go for it. The dog even runs towards the road and I have to be the one to yell at him because all they do is open the door and let him run and shut the door behind him. *UGH!!!!* It's so aggravating. I know this is gonna end up in a fight or stupid childish nonsense, but I don't care. I just called my dad and he agreed it's gotten a bit ridiculous with their dog running a muck. So I guess he's gonna try to talk to my brother and hopefully it won't end up in a fight between the two of us. I swear my brother is so thick headed! We told them when they first moved in they should get an electric fence for their dog so he stays in his OWN yard and not crapping in ours... and nothing, go figure! Sorry guys, just had to vent. I've become very attached to my quackers and I don't want no stupid dog getting in the middle of that!

    *UPDATE* It went BAD, very very bad. Everything that I knew was gonna happened happened with us all living on the same property. My brother is not the kind of person you can sit down and talk to if it's against him. He screams and puts you down and doesn't want to hear anything! There were a lot of hurtful words said, A LOT of screaming, and a lot of misunderstanding from both sides. Though it started of HORRIBLE, things are ok now. I guess? We found out my dad has actually been behind a lot of our arguing. Going house to house complaining about the others and pretty much getting us against each other. I know he doesn't do it on purpose, but when he gets to drinking he says whatever is on his head and doesn't really care. We were stupid enough to listen to it and not just go right to each other! (which I was told by my dad to always go threw him so me and my brother wouldn't fight... so my dad would take the heat for us sort of thing.) So I called him tonight, he was drinking again go figure, and when my brother and I started screaming and blah blah blah HE LEFT! He said not one word and LEFT! Which actually bothered both my brother and I. ANYWAYS... long story short we're fine now. With everything! And from now on we're going right to each other if we have a problem... NO ONE else! Ugh, it was a long LONG night for sure. My eyes hurt so bad from crying so much. Blah! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Wow, thats a sucky situation to have to deal with. When i Have a dog in my yard, even if i know the owner, i spray paint a nice target on the coat so when it goes home the owners know its been where it doesnt belong. Prolly wont help this situation lol. You could put their dog on a lead for them and tie it to a post? I know its trouble on your part but it'd keep him away from the ducks. Or if he gets so bad call animal control. Just dont let it in that it's you. SNeaky but it might be a wake up call.

    Personally - even if i love an animal = dog, cat whatever. If its not MINE and its bothing my ducks - Its bye bye. My dpgs know better than to mess with the ducks. in fact they mother them lol

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Quote:If it gets to the point I will call Animal Control and tell them there's a dog unsupervised running around, I'll make it seem like I almost hit him on the road. LoL! I agree %100 with you, if I have an animal that has a problem wit my animals, it usually doesn't last very long. Plus, it's a law... dogs are to be tied up or under supervision... not just running where ever they want! I mean I don't let my dogs run into his yard and crap all over! The craps aren't little either!
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    May 13, 2010
    [​IMG] bad situation....I would tie the dog up myself the next time they let it out and shut the door. They'll probably get the point after a few times of you doing that.I would also say "Hey, you're my brother, so why are you acting like this? It's really important to me that my ducks don't get stressed like that. It's not fair to them.I would hate to have to take further actions to control your dog,but if I have to,I will. So just make this easy..and keep the dog in his own yard please, or I'll have to keep tying him up."
    Stick up for your rights....and hopefully they'll come around ... good luck [​IMG]
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    So sorry for your thick headed brother. I've got one too but luckily he lives on the opposite coast![​IMG]

    This is a bad situation that will only get worse if nothing is done about it now. Your brother needs to realize how important this is. I hope he starts being a reponsible pet owner and sibling and starts respecting your wishes. I hope he would feel bad if the dog did hurt your ducks, but it's not like it's something "sorry" makes better if it gets that far. GL. [​IMG]
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    Sep 15, 2010
    tell him you are thinking about talking to dad to see if there is a way you can make payments to re pay dad back and get out of your obligation... that you wouldn't mind them there if they respected your yard, but they are not, so this might be a better solution.... that they could go somewhere where they would be happier....

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