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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Mom 2em All, May 7, 2008.

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    I candled the six that I received for replacement- they are on Day 16. Four of them have a chick moving in there, one is questionable. All have a great air cell except one of them. 3/4 of the egg is an aircell. IT is HUGE. The only egg in the entire incubator with an aircell like that. How can only one egg not have enough humidity but the rest do? THere was a moving chick in it, though. One I think is no good at all, liquidy and I should toss- but Im scared to, in case I am wrong. Doesnt sound too bad- except that these four plus the two others (one that hatched early and the one I hatched) are out of a total of 28 eggs in two shipments (ten cracked and gross in the first shipment.

    AND then, I candled the other eggs I received from two different ebay sellers- silkies and easter eggers. Total= 28 eggs. THere were very many that I couldnt see anything in but I didnt toss any- its only Day complaint is most of these eggs are so darn porous, its all I see. I don't know if that happens from a calcium deficiency or what- but I know it doesnt end up that great when it comes to hatch day. Are silkie eggs normally so pointy that you cant really tell which is the large end? I had to candle most of them to see which end had the aircell when I first set them. Today is the first time I opened the incubator. I think that automatic turners are the best things ever- I am hooked for life now. I need one more. My temperatures have been right at 100.3 center of the egg...beautiful not having to open that 'bator at all. If I don't have a good hatch out of them I will, well, I will order more eggs but that is beside the point. [​IMG]

    However, and the only reason why I keep my finger off the 'buy it now' button on ebay is because I have eggs coming from a seller on here. I am confident that those eggs will be much better than the others I have received. [​IMG] I am most frustrated at the porousness of the these eggs. Can anyone shed some light on what causes that?
  2. I dont think any egg should look like that. Sounds like my RIR eggs when they first started laying. They were slender pointed eggs that yoou couldnt really tell one end from the other.
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    Apr 20, 2008
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    I need help. [​IMG] I just ordered 6 Showgirl eggs.
    So typical of me- complain then do it again. However, I DID tell my husband about it this time- right after I placed my order. [​IMG]

    Like a good man, he just shook his head.
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    just a wild guess here, but I think that egg that lost moisture has micro fractures too small to be seen from the naked eye, and that is where your moistue is going, probably damage from shipping and not any fault of the hen.
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    Do you think it will make it to hatch? That egg is on Day 16...we are almost there, and it has a live baby in it right now.
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    Quote:I would leave it in there..time will tell. If the chick is alive now, then you just never just might make it.
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    Well, I received my eggs from Floridachick yesterday, and when it was time to set them in the incubator, I moved those six Day17 eggs into the other incubator, and candled my EEs and Silkies again. I removed four clear Silkie eggs. Those four were ones that were so pointy on both ends, I couldnt tell which end was the large end.

    That puts me on Day 18 today, Day 9 , Day 1...and Day? while I wait for my show girl eggs to arrive. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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