FS 1 doz combo golden lakenvelder & blue andalusian okla


12 Years
Oct 25, 2007
This is a white egg combo you will get 6 pure golden lakenvelder eggs and 6 pure blue andalusian eggs.
1 dozen eggs shipping included $27.
Shipping by USPS 2 day. And I'll add all that are laid before I ship the box . pay by pay pal pm me.
I'm getting great hatch rate on them I got 100% on the Andalusians and all but one of the Lakenvelder.
This is pictures of my Lakenvelders and one of the chicks.

Some of the byc members got 100% hatch on my eggs shipped
Way to go girls.

This is some pictures of my Andalusians. I do have some brown egg laying hens in this pen, if your interested in a cross I can do that to just let me know.
I got all 3 colors blue - black- splash on my first hatch this year.
My 2nd hatch 100% and all the chicks are blue but one its black. Wonderful eggs to candle. Some of the byc members are getting 100% hatch also.


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