FS 1 doz mutt eggs okla

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    Oct 25, 2007
    chicken mutt eggs 1doz for $25 shipping included. I can do one doz of either or a mix of both. I can do 2 doz also for $10 more just let me know
    pay by pay pal
    The mutt eggs are barred rock roosters over the following hens:
    black australorp -black star- red star -white leghorn- American game- new hamp red most of the chicks should be barred colored or a surprise color and for a limited time you may get pure barred rocks as I have my barred rock hens in this coop till the new coop is finished.

    and from my blue coop mutt eggs from blue Andalusian roosters
    one black and one splash in color over hens of the following:
    black australorp- silver laced wyandotte- red star- black star- and game hens you should get black blue and splash and a few surprise colored chicks.
    I have hatched some and got 100% on them.

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