FS: 12 Marans- Wheaten, Blue Copper,Cuckoo- Colorful flock-SW Missouri


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Mar 8, 2009
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Since I'm moving soon, I need to sell my chickens. I have 12 Marans in many colors.. I put my backyard flock together from various sources including a background of lines from Wade Jeane, Krebs, Valentine, and others I can't remember... I picked lines that would lay dark eggs. The 12 Marans include: 2 gorgeous Wheaten hens, 4 Cuckoo hens, 2 Blue Copper hens, 1 Black Copper hen, 1 Blue Copper rooster, 1 Cuckoo cockerel, and one pretty but mismarked mostly copper Blue Copper rooster.
All of the Marans are 5-7 months old. I wish that I didn't need to sell them just as they're getting to laying age, but there's no way I can move them several states over.
I'd like $175 for the whole group. I'm located in southwest Missouri, near the town of Mount Vernon.

I also have a Little Giant Incubator and Egg Turner for sale. I used it once and they've been cleaned out and are in orginal boxes with instructions. $70 for both.

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gorgeous. I didnt know you were selling them until the end of your post-if you post ( not only in the BST section) but include FS ( meaning for sale) in your title- I bet you would get someone jumping on these in a flash..
good luck and sorry you have to sell them:-(
Sent you a PM I am interested in your Marans flock... Long drive but were up for a road trip. for the right price we may also be interested in your Ameraucanas as well.
Do you still have these chickens? I would be willing to get them on Saturday if you do....just let me know.

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