FS 1doz x eggs welsummer x barred rock = black sex link chicks Okla.

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12 Years
Oct 25, 2007
1doz ready to ship
I have a dozen plus of this wonderful cross that makes a black sex link chick. Welsummer rooster crossed on barred rock hens.

The chicks will be sex able at hatch the roo chicks will be black with the large white head spot and be barred when feathered out.
The pullet chicks will be black and feather out black some could be chipmunk colored as well being partridge when feathered .

Will make a great dual-purpose choice, the pullets will lay large brown eggs and the roos will be big enough to process.

Ready to ship 1 doz eggs shipping included $20. pay by pay pal
2 day priority shipping with USPS. I use the large 12 x 12 x 8 box and lots of bubble wrap.

I have hatched out some and have only the black chicks.
Fertile fresh eggs my hatch rate was 95%. My new hatch I hatched out 9 of 10 all black I got 7 black pullets and 3 black roos.
The pullets are feathered out now and are black with brown, and straight black. The roosters are barred.

My barred rock hens are production grade and my welsummer rooster is a full brother to my main welsummer breeder I kept him as a back up he is equal in quality.
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