FS:3 Bantam Hens, W.PalmBch,FL

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    Mar 12, 2008
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    Sorry, no photos available, you'll just have to come see or use your imaginations. I have 3 mixed-breed bantam pullets, 10 weeks old. $5 each. They will lay nice little eggs and probably go broody some day. They were hatched & raised by their Mama hen. We eat our bantam eggs and I use the broodies to incubate standard-sized chicken eggs.

    They are:
    #1: Fawn-colored feathers, small crest on head, clean-legged.
    #2: Dark-brown feathers, gold pencilling on head & neck, feathered legs.
    #3: All black, clean legs, will be a small chicken/large bantam when grown.

    I also have some mixed-breed cockerels the same age, 1 bantam and 3 standards, you could buy one for $5 to go with the girls.

    This would make a nice little starter flock for someone wanting a few birds for their back yard. I'm in western West Palm Beach, 33412, about 15 minutes NE of Lion Country Safari.
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