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    Jul 9, 2008
    Ok, well I love my girls to death and it really kills me to part with them but I have to lovely female rats that need a new home. One is a hairless and the other is a DARk chocolate (who looks black but I promise is brown ) Mink.

    The ONLY reason I am letting them go is I dont give them the attentiont hey need. With school and sports and my ducks I just cant play with them as much as the deserve.

    So these gals are Up, Must go as a pair, they ARE NOT FOOD OR SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS!!

    Pick Up or Ican deliver with in the montgomery area . Im in the montgomery area But go to Santuck every month as well as a few other Flea markets and shows.

    Both girls are sweet and around four months old. They love to ride on shoulders and do accept treats from the hand. The only problem I have had is the hairless is an escape artist ( although she used to wake me up at four in the morning to be put back in the cage ) .

    Im asking $20 for Them. These guys are very sweet and would make a great addition to your home!

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