FS Araucana eggs in SC-SOLD!


The Crazy Chicken Lady
Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
I have 3 flocks of all rumpless Araucanas. I am getting half of my chicks with double tufts. Hatching rate is at a good 80% here with them. I mix my colors because of the roos and hens that compliment each other in conformation. None have ever hatched with tails but half are not tufted so far.
I mark all the eggs so the 3 flocks can be separate and can later be bred without inbreeding.

As of this morning I have another dz sitting here ready to be shipped, $30 includes shipping.

This is one of my roos.


And another one of the roos....


Him with his hens this year........

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Mine are all standards.
Some of the girls can be small but that are out of all standards.
I realized that trying to hatch and raise in the fall and winter makes my chickens lose a bit of growth that they normally benefit from in the spring and summer while able to eat plants and bugs.

I was just headed down to the barn to try and get some nice photos of the chicks I have been hatching out.

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