FS-ARK Light Brahma, Silkie x Frizzle, Welsummer, Buttercup, Turkens

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Greenwood, Arkansas
    Fresh Eggs Available!

    Light Brahma 1 dozen
    **Silkie x Frizzle 1 dozen
    Welsummer 1 dozen
    Buttercup 1 dozen
    Turkens 1 dozen

    ** The Silkies could be pure, there is a Frizzle rooster w them along w/ a silkie roo. White, black, black, partridge, red in color.

    All are private stock chickens, some from BYC'ers, some from chicken friends.
    $24.00 total(shipping included) per 1 dozen.. extras will be included, if the box allowes it.
    Thanks, Melinda

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