FS: Baby Mutt Ducks Southside, VA

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    Feb 18, 2008
    Portersville, PA
    Our ducks went broody and hatched out babies today 5/4/09. We have 11 so far with more expected next week. The father is a Peking and the mothers are either a Cayuga or a Khaki Cambell so obviously they are mutts. They are SUPER cute.

    We are located near Danville,VA which is an hour north of Greensboro, NC. An hour south of Lynchburg,VA about 1.5 hours from roanoke spack dab between south boston and martinsville. We can NOT ship. MIGHT be able to transport (particularly up the 29 corridor toward DC). $4.00 a piece or can work out a deal if you want several.

    Pictures can be available upon request through email but I am HORRIBLE at posting them in the forum!!

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