FS: Bantam cochin eggs (NC)

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  1. asher

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    6+ cochin eggs from my splash roo x black hen cochins. Bantams. The girls were in with a buff roo, but I think the eggs should be pure now. Not guranteeing there won't be a few stray mix colored ones in there, though. You can see the pictures of the birds on my pages and cochins. Three of the hens are not yet pictured, but are from the same family as the others shown.

    I can stick a few silkiexshowgirl eggs in, too, if you want them. And may have to if you want them right now b/c I don't think the boys put them in seperate egg cartons and they weren't marked. Whoops! It'd only be like 2-3 of them, though. Silkies and showgirls can also be seen on my page under silkies.

    $20/ppd ~ Pay Pal only. Can send tomorrow if paid by then.

    Will try to take a picture of my cochin babies that we just hatched out in a bit. :)
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    Nice birds!! I have banty cochins too. You can check them out on my page. got mine from Tom Roebuck in VA. We're very happy with them and will be trying to work on color in the future. (I think the columbian strain should be a bit more white) I'm pretty new to the chicken world (grew up on a farm but it's been a while:) but I'm loving it!!

    Good Luck and I'm loving your splash roo!

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